Wednesday, January 13, 2010

참치김치볶음: Fried Kimchi and Tuna Steak

Fried Kimchi and Tuna is one of my favorite Korean dishes! Whenever I was out with a friend on a weekend, we'd go to a restaurant and I'd order this. It's not hard to make at all if you have kimchi sitting around in the fridge. My husband surprised me by making kimchi the other night. He likes kimchi very spicy (when I say very spicy, I mean VERY spicy) so he put a lot of red pepper flakes in the kimchi and oh boy, quite honestly, it's one of the best kimchi I've ever tried! So I knew the kimchi would also make a great "fried kimchi and tuna" dish.

We used fresh tuna steak in this dish but you may use canned tuna, if that is more convenient for you. I really loved the flavor and texture of the tuna steak, though. I had made a tuna dish the night before and I didn't really like it much so I decided to recycle the leftover tuna in this delicious and flavorful dish. I had it for lunch today and I just loved it so much! It was perfectly spicy and went great with rice.

Fried Kimchi and Tuna (참치김치볶음)

Printable Recipe


1 teaspoon sesame oil
2 cups spicy kimchi with its juice in the container
8 oz tuna steak, cooked and cut into 1-inch pieces
pinch of salt
(optional) water
sesame seeds, to garnish


In a large pan, heat sesame oil over medium-high heat. When the oil is heated, add the kimchi with its juices in the kimchi container and stir frequently, about 1 minute Add the cooked tuna steak and stir to mix together with kimchi, about 3-5 minutes. Add salt. Add water if the pan is drying out quickly, about 2-3 tablespoons, stirring constantly. Cook until the kimchi is softened. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve with rice.


  1. I'll surely love this dish....kimchi again! I must try it with tuna. I'm cooking kimchi with chicken today....yum.

  2. surely looks very delicious...thanks for sharing ...

  3. I dislike kimchi but this dish looks wonderful and maybe I might try to fall in love with it

  4. Kimchi and tuna sound like a great combination. I would possibly to stir-fry the rice with tuna and kimchi.

  5. And now I learn that kim chi can be fried as well!

  6. so glad i found ur has some real delightful recipes...

  7. i like both kim chi and tuna. these sound like a great combo!!

  8. Your dish looks so good and healthy!

    You are a very good cook...yumm for family!


  9. this is certainly a new dish to me, bookmarked

  10. Looks husband will be quite pleased if I spinkle pepper like you have mentioned :) Nice recipe and thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh goodness, Sook. You are making my mouth water with all of the spicy goodness. I still want to make kimchi with you some day!

  12. Amazing! I love kimchi but have never tried it with tuna. Now I know what to add next time :)

  13. This is why I always put tuna in my kimchi chigae instead of pork. Yum!

  14. I've yet to try kimchi, but this makes me want to. Looks great!

  15. Mary,
    Yes, I love kimchi with tuna! I haven't tried kimchi with chicken but I'm sure it tastes great!

    You're welcome! :)

    A Full-timed Housefly,
    I hope you will enjoy kimchi someday!

    Yeah, kimchi and tuna make a great dish! Love it.

    Fried kimchi is actually one of my favorite kimchi dishes.

    Thank you.

    If you like kimchi and tuna, you will love this dish! :)

    Yes, it is healthy & delicious.

    3 hungry tummies,
    Hope you like it!

    Sprinkle with sesame seeds in the end? It makes the dish pretty and appetizing.

    My hubby loves it. :)

    We should really get together sometime and make kimchi!

    Daily Chef,
    Tuna is a great thing to add to fried kimchip or kimchi soup.

    I prefer tuna to pork as well. Yum!

    You will have to try kimchi sometime. It's great! :)

  16. Great combination...Looks tempting. First time here on your blog...Lovely space with yummmmmy recipes.

  17. Hi Sook - thanks for the comment over on my blog!

    I love kimchi - I used to tutor for a Korean family when I was in high school and when they couldn't afford to pay me, I got home-cooked meals instead. It was better than the money. :)

    I think I need to pick up a jar of kimchi soon... even if the hubby can't stand it. He doesn't have to eat it!

  18. Never had this before..sounds like a great combo. Nice recipe Sook !

  19. Oh, seeing a lot of kimchee lately, and this really looks like a must try dish.

  20. Looks delicious and yum!!Your dishes are simply mouthwatering and the pics make us more hungry!

  21. Kimchi made so many different ways! I haven't found one I didn't like!

  22. This dish is new to me. It looks delicious. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  23. Beautiful picture. Looks delicious and a nice way to enjoy tuna. Well done!

  24. This sounds like a delicious way to eat fish! Kim chi is so good!

  25. This sounds like a great combo. I love your photos!

  26. Tuna kimchi jjigae w/o the jjigae :) I make a pork version of this for lettuce wraps when I'm not feeling rice.

    As for the Twitter update...I'm happy (elated, really!) to say that I'm doughnut/milkshake free tonight!

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