Friday, March 12, 2010

Help me find healthy recipes

I'm really getting used to this healthy eating thing. So this is how the way of my eating changed when I came to U.S. In Korea, I used to eat a lot of vegetables and very little meat. In fact, if we were eating for dinner, that usually meant there was something to celebrate, like birthdays, holidays, or pay day! :)

When I came to America as a missionary for my church a while ago, me and my fellow missionary were invited to dinners every night by diffrent families. And oh boy, they always had the yummies meals for us.... along with the highest calorie meals, like Lasagne, Meatloaf, Enchiladas, etc. So it was no wonder that I gained about 30 lbs in 18 months. I lost all that weight while I was in college because I went back to my "normal" college diet... with very little meat and lots of crap, meaning crackers and cheese for all three meals. :)

Then what happened? I got married. Then I got pregnant. Something about dating seriously or getting married makes you way too comfortable because when I started dating, I started gaining weight because my husband always took me out to dinner almost every night. Then getting pregnant... Wow, so I was back to my "mission weight" when I gave birth to my boy. Now I've lost about 20 lbs of that weight.. I have more to lose. But exercising regularly wasn't just enough for me. I maintained the same weight for over three months without losing any more weight.

So I knew that it was time to change my diet. Count calories. Write down what I eat. Watch how much I eat. Eat less meat and more vegetables. No cream and butter. Always look for healthier options. Many of your blogs really help me find those healthier options. Like lentils, I had no idea what those were until I read a post about lentil soup. Same thing with chickpeas. I am now addicted to them.

So I ask for your help. Would you mind telling me what your favorite healthy, low calorie recipes are? And please, just because I said I am trying to eat very little meat, don't feel obligated to send me only vegetarian dishes. :) If you have a link to the recipes, please feel free to attach it with your comment. My plan is to select 5-7 best looking recipes and try them out all week and post them on my blog under your name with a link back to your website, if you have one.

Also if you have tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that worked for you, please feel free to share!

What do you think?



  1. Hi Sook,
    First of all, congratulations - you seem to be making a great progress with your diet :-). You're an inspiration for me, I also need to loose about 15 lb :-(.
    Last year I lost 55 lb in 7 months, but now with all the cooking obsession of the last months I gained some back. By the way, for me too, counting calories was the best way to go.
    Anyway, one of the things that I like is to have a very nicely designed dish. There are several advantages:
    1. it takes very long to "create" the dish, so you spend time with food, but not eating :-)
    2. when the dish is pretty, you don't need to eat as much, I think because you get some of the satisfaction just from the diversity.
    So here are two salad recipes with less than 100 calories each, that I liked. Maybe they are not pretty enough for a fancy restaurant, but I enjoyed "building" them and I think they are quite cute:
    I hope you like them, and in any case, good luck with the diet (to both of us :-) )!

  2. Dear,
    I am glad your are sticking to the weight-loss plan with healthy wholesome food choices.

    Here are some recipes from my blog that you might love:
    Breakfast: Homemade Muesli:

    Healthy snacks/Light Meal: (Fruit N Nut Balls)



    Good luck losing weight dear!

  3. Love your blog! My weight gain didn't start until I stopped being an athlete - and within a couple years I gained 90 pounds! I had never been more than 120 my whole life!

    I lost 70 pounds, maintained that for years, until I started taking insulin - then I was like "I'll have another piece of pizza - I'll just take more insulin!" So while my diabetes in control, I am back to basics on losing the 30 pounds I gained back.

    Check out my blog when you get a chance - I use for all my recipes and I usually post the calories for all my meals.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Sook,

    I love your blog, and have so many recipes bookmarked. I too, have been trying to come up with healthy recipes. It seems like finding vegetable side dish recipes are the hardest. Steamed veggies are great, but do get old!

    Here are a few of my recipes and links!

    Chinese Style Broccoli

    Parmesan Garlic Chicken

    Morning Glory Muffins

  5. Thank you! I already created a folder in my yahoo email called "Healthy recipes" Can't wait to try your recipes!

  6. Hi Sook,

    These are some of my favorite healthy recipes:

  7. Your discipline is inspiring! I also love that you post delicious recipes that are still healthy.

    Here are a few of my favorite healthy recipes:

    Roasted Kale:

    Mushrooms and Asparagus with a Hint of Lemon:

    Roasted Eggplant:

    Garlic Hummus:

    Olive Oil and Lemon Juice Salad:

    Qing Zheng Yu (Chinese Steamed Fish):

    Mushroom and Onion Couscous:

  8. Sook,

    I recently posted two healthy recipes:

    Asparagus Soup:


    White Turkey Chili (a lot less fatty than the usual beef variety and so tasty, too!):

    Hope you like 'em!

  9. The American diet, getting married, having a beautiful son....Ahhhh!!! This is a recipe for weight gain. Congrtaulations to you for working so hard to get back where you want to be-Keep working at it! You will be at your goal soon.

  10. Buckwheat Tabbouleh Lettuce Wraps:
    Avocado Pesto:

  11. Here's another one:


  12. Oh do try these ..they are sooo Fab. I got them from Divina of sense and serendipity.

    bonito and sesame crusted tofu...

    and Korean Pancakes

    both on Divina's blog. Im sure u know her blog already so look them up..she has fabulous healthy recipes ..apart from u she too is an inspiration for me to eat healthy ~ although I dnt need to lose weight I still have to watch what i eat for health.

    congrats on ur determination n sticking to it. U are an example to many im sure!

  13. Hey,
    I'm on the same journey. I have been working for the greater part of a year to lose the last 5 pounds. My new find...lowering my carbs. I'm not cutting them out just back a bit and I lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks???
    Just what is working for me.
    Good luck!

  14. Haha, I'm sorry dear! I'm weak in dieting. I love any food! ;)

  15. Sook

    This is a wonderful idea and also I need to congratulate you on your determination and hard work! Losing pounds is certainly not easy, some of my friends have been trying for decades.
    I am passing along a healthy and lo-cal meal:
    If you need more let me know
    Take care, Joumana

  16. Err... I can never stick to any diet menu, just eat less! I used to jog every day before I started working and now I can only jog during the weekends. So I have to resort to cutting back on lunch by not going out to eat but pack a sandwich or whatever's leftover from dinner! If there's no leftover,a cup noodle is all I eat for lunch! Seems to work:)

  17. The only thing healthy that I know of is pure, freshly made juices. It keeps you full and gives you high nutrients that your body needs. More at Then of course, a good work out a few times a week is important. That's how I keep myself and family trim and healthy. Then, eat everything in moderation. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle requires tremendous amount of discipline. I find it a joy to break it every now and then :P Sook, you are already doing very well. Keep it up!

  18. Good to take more brown rice as often as possible, not only healthy but nutritious
    1) Porridge with Tomato, Scallops and Brown Rice
    2) Brown Rice Soup

  19. Good on you for deciding to do something to change something in your life you are unhappy with! I have a very good feeling you are going to succeed :)

    I lost 10 kilos a couple of years ago and have kept it off, and my number one secret is EXERCISE. I also really limit my nighttime carbs, and eat a LOT of vegetables. At the moment it is quite hot here and I'm adding shredded lettuce to almost all my meals. Bulks them up very nicely :)

    Here are a few of my recipes you may possibly be interested in...
    Pork stirfry (you can omit the noodles if you want)
    Fish salad
    Pork salad

    And thank you for reminding me about lentils! I love them but never cook them. Love chickpeas too. You have good taste ;)

  20. Love your determination with eating healthy...what has helped me lose 10 pounds(pregnancy pounds) in the last year is a total switchover to eating healthy(read low-cal and vegetarian) and substituting all the fat with various flavors of spices.

    Some of my healthy dishes:

    1. Fragrant rice with stir-fried greens -

    2. Tofu mousse dessert -

    I have many other healthy yet very flavorful options under the category "healthful decadence" in my blog.

    Hope this helps.

  21. Dear Sook
    Kudos to your determination for sticking to eating healthy food...will send u few links soon. before that there is an award waiting for you in my blog please accept it.For reference please see the link.
    Have a nice weekend

  22. I am not sure I really have any FAVOURITE low-calorie dishes.....I usually drink lots lots lots of real oolong tea (i.e. no sugar, no cream). That helps!

  23. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I always like making soups - they're so healthy and so filling! here is a new favorite of mine!...

  24. wow what a great idea, nearly all my recipes are healthy I am a dietitian feel feel to email your what you eat I will help you


    rebeccasubbiah at yahoo dot com

  25. This is such a great idea, Sook! I love eating and cooking healthy too. One of my favorite things to do is remake my favorite recipes into healthier versions of themselves. For example, I love eggrolls, but they're I came up with a baked's the link if you want to check it out: :)

  26. Hi there,

    Good job on the diet success. I am also struggling with a few extras these days. And so I went back to one diet that always worked for me. Vegan. I just posted a Japanese Seaweed Carrot Salad on my website, check it out. I try my best keeping it healhty, so 90% of thingies out there should serve the prupose. Look forward to read more Korean recipes from your kitchen - I am absolutely nuts about Korean cuisine. my recent successes include home made kimchi and sone warm salads (recipes also on my website)

  27. Hi Sook! Congrats on taking great initiative with your diet. I know it can be hard when junkier foods are shown to us day after day after day, not to mention they are cheap!
    Here are some of yummy recipes that are healthy, too.

    Miso Baked Halibut- healthy, lean, full of protein, with sweet & salty flavour

    For breakfast, try the Quinoa Porridge- it's full of protein, will keep you full, and tastes fantastic.

    If you are in need of something sweet, or carby, try the roasted garlic mashed yams or sesame sweet potato fries- both use minimal healthy oil, but provide with you with filling fibre!

    And for a salad, this is one of my all time favourites! Roasted beet salad

  28. Thank you so much everyone for all of your support! Thanks for the links too! I'm checking all of them out! :)

  29. Hi Sook
    It is great that you are on the lookout for healthy,low calorie recipes.
    Eating more fresh whole foods is a great way to start.
    This is one of my favorite recipes,

    I usually have it on spaghetti, or sub sandwich.
    I have been experimenting with it..made it with kidney beans the other night, instead of tofu.

  30. I have several lo-cal/lo-carb on my blog that we really liked but the Easy Fried Rice is our favorite.

    Congratulations on the weight loss!

  31. My favorite healthy recipe source is

    I made one of the breakfast bars for when I'm running off to class and loved it!

    Amanda B.

  32. Hi Sook,

    I totally understand where you are coming from, as i have been trying really hard to lose weight for the last three months! This is my favourite low fat recipe so far...

    I hope you like it as much as i do. It's very tasty, and fun as well :)

  33. sending you some of my favorites

  34. Hi Sook,

    Here are some low calorie recipes I enjoy.

  35. Good luck! I'm on a diet as well, sort of. I can't ever go on a real diet, but I just try to eat small portions, avoid snacks and drink only water, tea and coffee (black of course). I also use skim milk, egg whites, and sub bison for beef.

  36. Wow! I just realized I don't have too many recipes that are healthy, except for this one:

    I look forward to seeing what you post!

  37. I like your blog! I also have a food blog & it's all about eating healthier options with some recipes if you ever want to check it out.