Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Halloween

Just as I promised earlier, I am posting some pictures from our Halloween night. Our little guy had a lot of fun being Dracula and trick-or-treating with his cousins. He got lots of candy in a huge bag. By the end of the night, he had to drag his bag. I think he loved the idea of going door-to-door and taking someone else's candy from their bowls. What kids don't? He only picked out ones with shiny wrappers. He wouldn't touch and suckers. Good for him! :) My husband and I were his victims. It was fun. I hope you all had a great Halloween!


  1. What a cutie!! I'm glad to hear you all had a great time.

  2. Thank you Fresh Local and Best and Kim. We had a blast! :)

  3. Hi There! I'm a new Follower. I just LOVE the recipes that you post and I think you have a gorgeous family!!! Your son is such a cutie and a GREAT vampire!

  4. Dear Easily Manipulated -

    Welcome to My Fabulous Recipes! I'm so glad that you're following my blog. Please come back often! :)